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About the author…

Isaac A. Jeldes is a Civil engineer whose passion is the Geotechnical engineering. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. His Research has been primarily focused on slope stability studies on mine spoil materials by the geo-mechanical characterization of soils with a wide range of particle sizes and through the evaluation and development of techniques for simple and effective analysis of mine reclaimed slope stability. Research areas of interest are: Numerical modeling (FEM, DEM), Soil Dynamics, Foundation and Retaining walls, Soil Exploration.

He Loves his wife who is his deep source of motivation, and God who is his good friend.

02/27/2010 – Chile, land of earthquakes

The entire world wasn’t indifferent to the 02/27/2010. Chile, a country with the most southern emplacement in the world was shock by one of the most severe earthquakes that have ever been recorded.

Dr. Steven Kramer in his book “Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering”, gives a throughout list of the significant historical earthquakes around the world. This list is led by the 1960 Valdivia earthquake as “largest earthquake ever recorded”. I am sure the Concepcion earthquake will be included in this list.

More coming….

A Chilean photographer and a good friend sent me some “artistic” pictures of the earthquake.  I hope you enjoy them while this site is being constructed. If you like photography, you should consider visiting his site

Tie-back Pile walls for “Conferre” Building, Santiago, Chile

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